Maintenance Notifications

Team IPFone

Company Update

Dear Customer,

As a technology company, every year we invest in upgrading and updating our software, hardware, and feature applications to keep our infrastructure up to date. For that reason, we want you to be aware that when these maintenance procedures are scheduled you’ll receive advance courtesy notifications from our NOC (Network Operations Center).  

We perform this maintenance to ensure uptime and stability of our platform and services. Our technical team does maintenance late at night, usually from 11 pm to 3 am, to avoid any possible interference of service. During this time our engineers monitor our services and determine where changes or enhancements need to be made and implemented. 
Here are some of the items and reasons we do periodic maintenance:


  • Installation of new/additional services/features
  • Update software with new releases or versions
  • Update security and encryption  measures


  • Replace any hardware needing such attention (routers, switches, gateways, etc)
  •  Upgrade hardware for additional capacity (storage, memory, cpu, etc)
  • Upgrade software and firmwares (recommended by vendor)

General routine maintenance:

  • Hardware, server, database maintenance
  • Geo-redundancy testing
  • Other

 Also, we have a geo-redundant duplicate datacenter for our platform, so in case of an emergency, our services will shift from one site to another within seconds giving you continuity and additional peace of mind. 

We really appreciate your patience and understanding.  IPFone will continue to do everything necessary to ensure our promise of high-quality communications services.
 As always, don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions or issues at

Thank you,

IPFone Support Team