Call Recording

Call Recording is a valuable feature suitable for contact-center environments and recording business conversations for compliance, legal protection, and quality management.

About Call Recording.

IPFone Call Recording is a comprehensive call recording and quality management solution catering to businesses of all sizes, from small to large enterprises. Organizations around the globe trust IPFone to enhance their business processes, efficiently resolve customer disputes, meet regulatory compliance requirements, and boost overall productivity.

Explore IPFone’s Call Recording Features

Manage incoming calls intelligently with IPFone’s Call Recording solution.

Web-Based User Interface

Access call recording anytime,
anywhere with IPFone’s intuitive, user-
friendly Web interface.

Real-time Dashboard

IPFone’s dashboard provides an at-a-
glance view of calls-per-day, call
duration, active calls, the total number of
recorded calls, and more.

Intuitive Call Search and Playback

Search millions of calls by any
parameter, quickly and easily–e.g.,
date, time, caller/callee number, agent’s
name – or simply type in a search term.

Live Monitoring

Monitor employees’ calls in real-time to
guide and support agents to deliver
optimum customer service.


Generate statistics for calls, days,
groups, users, and more with IPFone’s comprehensive reporting features.

Centralized Multi-Site Call Recording

Record calls made to and from multiple

Screen Recording

IPFone Screen Capture allows to record
agent desktop activity associated with a
recorded phone call.

Speech Analytics

IPFone Speech Analytics software allows
one to search for keywords and phrases
incall recordings, providing more
insights into customer interactions.

Compliance Ready

Meet regulatory and corporate security requirements, including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, FIPS, FSA compliance, and others.

Full HIPAA Compliance and Protection

IPFone Call Recording helps healthcare organizations meet their regulatory
requirements by protecting the security of patient information under HIPAA

HIPAA Compliant Call Recording

IPFone Call Recording follows strict HIPAA compliance to ensure the confidentiality of every recording.

Role-Based Security

Access to call recordings is restricted to authorized users.


Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption protects network communication during recording and playback.

File Watermarking

IPFone offers a powerful application to validate
the authenticity of any mp3 files, ensuring that call
recordings remain intact and unaltered.

Audit Trail Log

IPFone’s activity tracking system enables full audit logs to determine who has accessed

Configurable Retention Policy

Define archiving rules based on your business and compliance needs, and store various types of calls for specific lengths of time.