What is Call Analytics and How it Can Help Your Business

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The more data you have, the better informed you are to make decisions that will help your business grow. That’s why Call Analytics is so important.

What is Call Analytics? 

Call analytics is the process of recording, measuring, and analyzing phone calls to understand customer behavior better. This data can be precious in helping you to improve your business. For example, if you see that most of your calls are being made during business hours, but very few sales are being made, that could indicate that your employees are not properly trained in handling calls. Or, if you see that most of your sales are happening outside of regular business hours, that could indicate that you need to extend your hours or hire more staff. Call analytics can help you identify these trends and take action to correct them. 

There are several different things Call Analytics can tell you about your business, including: 

· How many calls are being placed

· The length of each call

· Which calls are being answered

· The number of sales made as a result of the call

· The average value of a sale that results from a call 

How Call Analytics Can Help Your Business 

If you’re not using call analytics, you’re missing out on valuable data about your business. Here are just a few ways that call analytics can help your business: 

  1. Improve Customer Service – By monitoring customer calls, you can know how well your employees are treating customers and identify any training needs they may have. 
  2.  Increase Sales – By tracking sales calls, you can identify which sales techniques are effective and which need improvement. You can also track which times of day or week are most effective for making sales calls. 
  3. Reduce Costs – By analyzing call data, you can identify areas where costs can be reduced, such as by automating certain tasks or eliminating underperforming products or services. 
  4. Improve Efficiency – By tracking employee productivity, you can identify areas where employees may need more training or assistance in order to improve their performance. 
  5.  Detect Fraud – By monitoring phone calls, you can detect fraudsters who may be trying to obtain sensitive information from your customers or employees.
  6. Gain Insights into Your Market – By analyzing call data, you can gain insights into your market, such as identifying new trends or customer needs.        
  7. Protect Your Business – By monitoring employee phone calls, you can ensure compliance with industry regulations and protect your business from legal liabilities.    
  8. Enhance Your Competitive Advantage – By using call analytics, you can gain a competitive edge over other businesses in your industry by identifying new opportunities and threats faster than they can.
  9. Improve Your Overall Strategy – By analyzing all aspects of your phone system, from marketing to customer service to sales, you can develop a more comprehensive understanding of what’s working well and what needs improvement to optimize your overall strategy.                          
  10. Make Better Decisions – With all this data at your fingertips, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions about every aspect of your business quickly and easily. 

If you’re not using call analytics, now is the time to start! And if you’re already using call analytics but not seeing the desired results, it may be time to reconsider IPFone Call Analytics.

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