Introducing IPFone & Webex Integration for VinSolutions & Dealersocket CRM

Julian Gutierrez

Blog, CRM Integration

Effective communication is the cornerstone of competitive advantage in car dealership management’s fast-paced, dynamic world. The ability to quickly and efficiently engage with customers and colleagues provides an exceptional customer experience and enhances operational efficiencies. With that in mind, we are thrilled to unveil our latest innovation to boost your dealership’s performance and revolutionize your business communication and sales processes.

About Integration

Integrating IPFone with Webex for your current Vinsolutions CRM, DealerSocket, and other CRMs, is a game-changer. This groundbreaking development has been specifically engineered to enhance operations and streamline inventory management for car dealerships, thus redefining the landscape of business communication.

Goodbye to Juggling Apps and Missed Opportunities

Our integration offers you the convenience and efficiency of making and receiving calls directly from your CRM interface. No longer will your team need to juggle between various applications or risk missing out on opportunities due to ineffective communication channels. This integration fosters enhanced customer engagement and encourages seamless collaboration among your sales force, service department, and management team.

Key Features:

The IPFone and Webex integration brings a host of cutting-edge features that transform the way you interact with your clients and team members:

  • Unlimited Communication: Enjoy unlimited calling, video calls, video meetings, and messaging to ensure everyone stays on the same page and collaborates efficiently.
  • Caller’s Contact Record Access: With incoming calls, the caller’s contact record automatically pops up within the integrated CRM or can be accessed manually via a single click.
  • Activity Record Creation: Manual or automatic creation of an activity record of a call received within the integrated CRM, with the addition of notes.
  • New Contact Addition: The ability to add new contacts from multiple locations, such as the live call Preview window, Call history, and Missed calls pop-up.
  • Caller Preview: Preview who calls before the call is answered and view additional caller details, including notes, from the unobtrusive Caller Preview window.
  • One-Click Dialing: Dial a contact’s phone number from within your integrated CRM with a single click.
  • Multi-CRM Search: Search the contact directories of multiple integrated CRM(s) simultaneously, and call or pop a contact from the results.

The convenience of reaching out to customers and colleagues with just a click while improving your dealership’s performance is now at your fingertips.

Transform Your Operations Today

We are committed to helping you stay ahead of the competition with this cutting-edge solution. To further understand how our IPFone with Webex can transform your operations and enhance customer engagement, we invite you for a personalized demonstration of our solution, showcasing its full capabilities and answering any questions you may have. Seize this opportunity to redefine your business communication.

Contact us today and explore the benefits this integration brings your operations.